Adventures on an old bike

I picked up my 80's Sportster and took it on my favorite route up PA 82 to Morgantown for a coffee.

After a short stopover the bike would not start. I sat on the bike for a few attempts, my hope slowly fading and trying to remember where I kept my roadside assistance number for a jump.

A guy pulling a camper came to my rescue. He helped access the battery, pulled out cables and jumped my Harley off the trailer battery.

The bike started right up and I was on my way.

About 20 miles down the road, the bike coughed, sputtered, and came to a stop. Mindful that I probably had only 3-4 kicks with the starter, I checked my gas level. I unscrewed the gas cap and sloshed teh bike from side to side. There was gas. The small Sportster tank looked about 1/4 full.

I switched the petcock to reserve and the bike started right up.

After these two very minor problems I rode straight home after stopping for gas.

Eventually, the desire to get some time on the road will outweigh my hesitancy to end up by the side of the road.

Note to self: build a rescue kit. Include hex keys and jump kit!