October 2020

Raspberry Pi - Pi Hole

I followed this guide to create a Raspberry Pi content filter.

So far, I have re-flashed and updated my Pi, and am running the installer for Pi Hole.

Here is what I learned so far:

1. If something on my Pi wasn't working, I would simply re-flash using one of the available OS images. There were a few times when my Pi's red light would come on but the activity light would not flash.

I was worried that the Pi was damaged, but it turns out I just did something stupid like powered down during an update. Re-imaging the same SD card fixed the problem.

2. The Pi isn't as fast as I wish it was. Applying updates and multitasking means that the Pi isn't going to run smoothly.

3. Everything is pretty easy. Updating an image had a really easy interface. Pick your OS, pick your destination, and it does the rest. Installing Pi Hole looks to be just a matter of pasting a line into the command line.

Gotta Start Somewhere...

I have flirted with having a blog for years. This is the start of one.

I'm going to cover the following topics:

1. Motorcycles

2. Technology

3. Intersection of law and technology

4. Life in Philadelphia